A stage, a cast, a live band and a Panjabi Love Song?

It has been an incredible few days for The107 which has culminated in the band’s debut single ‘Mele Vich’ shooting straight to No.6 in the Official Asian Download Charts. The long awaited video for The107’s  ‘Mele Vich’ has now arrived and is ready to captivate and enthral. The band created the entire concept themselves; choosing to write a narrative that depicted the message of the song, and a video that stood out from others in the industry. The story unfolds as the lead actor tries desperately to re-enact the 1st time he met his dream girl at a mela, hoping that as she is watching on, she will put the pieces together and realise his feelings towards her. Couple this with The107 performing alongside the show, and you have a magical love story brought to life.

Cre8iv Vision shot the entire video in a day using many cameras including the new Black Magic Cinema. Numan Khan from Cre8iv Vision said ‘We tried to capture the live music element of The107 in its entirety, and bring a real film quality to the screen as well. The band were insistent that the video look and feel markedly different to anything that is currently out there, much like themselves, and I’m pleased to say we have achieved that ‘. With a live audience at hand, and the band playing live, both The107 and Cre8iv Vision turned ‘Mele Vich’ into a full on musical production with a moving visual idea complimenting the stirring music of the song. The107 and Beatcircle are proud to bring you ‘Mele Vich’ – The Musical.

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