New Beatcircle signing ZAiN releases his debut song ‘Tera Hi’ (Only Yours).

Co-written by the young star, it is an acoustically driven R&B Pop track with a Hindi chorus inspired by a real life story depicting the struggle of falling in love with a best friend. Produced by D-Boy the track features additional writing by Nick Childs and New Zealand’s freshest writer Abby Holden.

Born in South London, budding music student ZAiN was spotted by Beatcircle CEO D-Boy during a recording session. Having had professional vocal training for a year with Lisa Fell, D-Boy knew that there was something special about ZAiN: ‘He has such an original tone, and has already started working on new material set for this summer. His youtube video of Kabhi Kabhi really caught my attention too’. His musical talents do not end there either, D-Boy adds: “It was not until after the 2nd recording session he told me he is also learning to play the guitar, his dedication to music is so inspiring”

Sparked by an impressive live performance of his new single ‘Tera Hi’ with his guitarist Nick Childs on Yassar’s BBC Asian Network radio show on September 12th his new single has already been added to ‘New Sounds’ at the station. The music video has also been tipped for heavy rotation on both Online and TV.

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